Jean Hamilton 10 out of 10

December 12, 2021

10 out of 10

Kevin Park 10 out of 10

November 30, 2021

The Job was done in a timely manner. Efficient & Professional.

Becky Wong 10 out of 10

June 25, 2021

After we replaced replaced our first roof. We have been regular customers. This is our second roof, so we have been a long time customer! And there are two other household that use your services on our street! I will try and time the next time we use your services at the same time as … Continued

Kerry Taylor 10 out of 10

June 25, 2021

Roof looks awesome

Lynda Malpass 10 out of 10

June 23, 2021

I’ve been using your services for a number of years now . I’ve always been very satisfied and have recommended your company to friends and neighbours .

Jan & Frank Beddal 10 out of 10

June 22, 2021

Great customer service and after the treatment is completed the roof always looks refreshed and there is no mess from the gutter cleaning.

Suzie Beber 10 out of 10

June 18, 2021

When Doug arrived for the job, I showed him where the Thrush bird nest was in our Secret Garden. Because there was concern for her nest, Doug went and got his vacuum to use on that section of the roof. I really appreciated that. I also appreciated the careful clean-up!!!!!! A friend saw the end … Continued

Isabel Tipton 10 out of 10

June 11, 2021

They came on time, worked quickly, cleaned up and left the place immaculate.

Jim Nolan 10 out of 10

June 10, 2021

Good reputation!

Steen Jessen 10 out of 10

June 2, 2021

Great product and great service!

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