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Take proper care of your roof

Our warranty means that your roof will remain moss, lichen and mildew free for up to 2-years or we will return to make sure that you are satisfied, at no cost to yourself. However, when your warranty is nearly up, that's when you should bring us back for a re-treatment to prevent moss from ever returning!
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Stay on top of the moss

You can’t get complacent with moss on your roof--give it an inch and it’ll take advantage of the opportunity! To ensure you give your roof as many years as possible, preventing the regrowth of your roof moss is critical.


After Thomson Roof Treatment has removed the moss, lichen and mildew from your roof and cleared the gutters so they flow properly, you receive a guarantee! Thomson Roof Treatment guarantees that your roof will remain moss free for a specified amount of time between 1 and 2 years. We assess each roof individually and will provide you with the most accurate and generous warranty we can. After the initial moss removal, things get much easier and more affordable. Roof moss maintenance is as simple as spraying on a fresh batch of Thomson Roof Treatment. Then, your warranty is re-applied for the next 12-24 months.
Moss Removal Specialists

Moss Prevention Program

Roofs must be re-treated promptly at the end of the warranty period to avoid allowing moss to re-root and grow. Although it may be convenient or seem financially prudent to delay re-treatment, we have found that the monthly cost to maintain your roof remains constant, regardless of when re-treatment is done, the only change is the potential damage that is done to your roof when moss is allowed to continue to take root.

Over ten years of proper maintenance, a roof maintained regularly by Thomson Roof Treatment will avoid damage caused by moss re-growth.

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